Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Job?

Visit one of our locations and apply.

Is Covalent Staffing a good employer?


Do lots of companies use staffing agencies such as a Covalent Staffing?

Yes! Staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs.
• 2.66 million people are employed by staffing companies every business day.
• 11.2 million temporary and contract employees are hired by U.S. staffing firms over the course of a year.
• 79% of staffing employees work full time, virtually the same as the rest of the work force.

Is Covalent Staffing Flexible?

Yes! The staffing industry offers flexibility to both employees and companies. People can choose when, where, and how they want to work. Companies can get the skills they need to keep fully staffed during busy times.
• 66% of staffing employees say flexible work time is important to them.
• 64% of staffing employees report that their work gives them the scheduling flexibility and the time for family that they desire.
• 90% of client businesses say staffing companies give them flexibility to keep fully staffed during busy times.

Can temporary and contract workers become full-time?

Yes! Temporary and contract work provides a bridge to permanent employment. People can try out a prospective employer and showcase their skills for a permanent job.
• 88% of staffing employees say that temporary or contract work made them more employable.
• 77% of staffing employees say it’s a good way to obtain a permanent job.
• 80% of staffing clients say staffing firms offer a good way to find people who can become permanent employees.

Is this kind of work a god option for me?

Yes! Many people choose temporary and contract work as an employment option. They can select their work schedules and choose among a variety of diverse and challenging assignments.
• 67% of staffing employees say choice of assignments was an important factor in their job decision.
• 23% of staffing employees have little or no interest in a permanent job—they prefer the alternative arrangement over traditional employment.
• 33% of staffing employees say they work for a staffing company because they like the diversity and challenge of different jobs.

Will I receive any training? Will I have to pay for it?

The staffing industry provides free training for millions of temporary and contract employees to help meet today's demand for skilled workers.
• 90% of staffing companies provide free training to their temporary and contract employees.
• 65% of staffing employees say they developed new or improved work skills through their assignments.
• 40% of staffing employees say they choose temporary or contract work as a way to obtain employment experience or job training.